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Limited Opportunity At
Anwa Cove Now Available

Trust An Anwa Build

'The Anwa Collection' raise the bar for luxurious, quality builds in Bali.

We hire the best people, and use the best materials, so our clients are satisfied they own the best investment on the island.



Moroccan inspired luxury villas in the heart of thriving Umalas.

Uniquely featuring an entire entertainment top floor, Anwa Cove leaves you wanting for nothing in a home, or an investment.


Limited Availability


Stunning, secure, and state of the art.


Each gorgeous villa embodies peace and tranquillity, comprising a private swimming pool and brilliantly designed fully furnished and enclosed interior.

Anwa Bali, tucked away in the heart of Umalas, is the perfect holiday location with complete

five-star facilities and impressive tropical gardens.

3. Resort villas.JPG

Glamourous, relaxing, comfortable, modern and, authentic. Quite a challenge to combine all these elements into one space, and yet we achieved it with Spa Anwa.

Creating a new home for one of Bali's top Chefs, required immense attention to detail, to achieve just the right coziness, mixed with extravagance and flavour.

The design challenge: How to serve World Class food and tantalise all the senses through the environment?

About Us

About Us

The Australian owners of The Anwa Collective, dream up concepts their customers didn't even know they needed, and then take full advantage of their extensive network of professionals in Bali to bring ideas to life.

They live by the rule of  'never settle for less than perfect', and this applies to their people, material, build and finishes.

Anwa's management and consulting team, have over 30 years' construction experience in Asia. We value the land and people of Bali, and do our utmost to work in harmony with the local communities and environment.

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